Revelation: The Bride, The Beast, and Babylon
The Dragon of Revelation


The World’s Most Mysterious and Controversial Book Is Unveiled!

No other book in the Bible has been more misunderstood … or misrepresented … than Revelation. For centuries, its mysterious symbols and ominous predictions have perplexed millions and sparked wild speculation.

But now, going to the very heart of the Bible’s most controversial book, the stunning Revelation: The Bride, the Beast & Babylon documentary decodes the visions of Revelation 12 and 17 in a trustworthy, biblically faithful way. Go on an eye-opening journey throughout the Christian era, pulling aside the veil of hidden history to reveal the rise of Babylon, the persecution of the bride of Christ, and the identity of the beast.

Amazingly, for most of Christian history, the real-world identities behind these symbols have been known and understood by the great leaders of our faith—teachers like Luther, Calvin, Huss, and many others—yet in the last 250 years, this information has been largely lost.

Until now! Hosted by Pastor Doug Batchelor of television’s Amazing Facts Presents and radio’s Bible Answers Live, this documentary features incredible footage from historic locations throughout Europe and professional reenactments of major events. It also features compelling interviews with respected theologians and historians, including: Susanna Elm, D.Phil., UC Berkeley; David Trim, Ph.D., Newbold College; Obery Hendricks, Jr., Ph.D., New York Theological Seminary; and many others.

Key insights explored in this feature-length documentary include:
  • The intense past and future conflict between the great spiritual powers
  • The significance of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection in prophecy
  • The persecution of the early church and how it survived
  • The impact of paganism and other religious philosophies on the Christian faith
  • The Dark Ages and the rise of the Reformation
  • How our present time fits in the chronology of Revelation
Educational and inspiring, Revelation: The Bride, the Beast & Babylon will utterly transform your understanding of Bible prophecy!
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