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What Happens Next?

What Happens Next?
Posted 10.08.2015

The pope made an historic visit to the United States. In an unprecedented chain of events, he spoke to a joint session of Congress, met with the U.S. President, and even addressed the United Nations General Assembly. Thousands flocked to see him. Many hoped to touch him. Some even had unexpected moments with him.

In an interview with the two American Airlines pilots who flew the pope to his various destinations, the handpicked men and their cabin crew of 15, felt extremely privileged to ferry the pontiff from Rome to Washington D.C., New York, Philadelphia, and finally back to Italy. The plane was christened “Shepherd One.” Each time the pope entered the plane, he stopped to bless the crew and their families.

The pilot asked the pope to bless his landings. “When you are in the presence of the Pope, it’s a very powerful feeling,” said the Catholic pilot.

One flight attendant said that when he spoke with the pope, he felt like he was “looking in the eyes of God.”

“When he walked through the cabin, it was like seeing God. He blessed me, held my hand. Truly, it was like looking in the eyes of God. Because when the Pope looks at you, his eyes lock in your eyes. I truly believe that if I didn’t say a word he can look in your heart, he can look in your mind, and he knows exactly what you want and he knows exactly what you need and why you’re there asking for blessing.” [1]

Such language describes the very awe that the world will have toward a religious power predicted by Scriptures to rise up at the end of time and join hands with the world’s most powerful government. This alliance will work against God, but in the name of God.

God alone is infallible, and when we lift up any human to the status of divinity, we place him or her where the Lord never intended any person be placed. There is only one head of the church, Jesus Christ (Ephesians 5:23). There is only one who is holy, God (Revelation 15:4). Only the Lord is to be glorified (Isaiah 42:8) and only is God to be referred to in a holy way as Father (Matthew 23:9).

What happens next? The Bible predicts that the strength of this unholy union will grow. When it will fully ripen, nobody knows. We should be cautious about pinning down details that God has not revealed. Yet we know that the gospel will go to all the world (Matthew 24:14) and we know that the signs of His soon return will intensify (1 Thessalonians 5:3).

The bigger question is, “Are you ready?"

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