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Shifting Sands

Shifting Sands
Posted 10.01.2015

A “surprising twist” is how some people describe a secret meeting held between Pope Francis and Kim Davis while on his six-day papal tour of the United States.

Brought to the Vatican embassy under cover, Davis and her husband met with the pontiff for about 15 minutes, during which they hugged and he gave her a rosary. Davis, who is the county clerk in Kentucky who spent five days in jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, shared about the meeting after the pope left for Rome.

Many conservative Christians are encouraged by the meeting and see it as an affirmation against gay marriage. But, on the other hand, the LGBT community, including those within the Catholic church who are favorable to gay marriage, feel betrayed. The Vatican remains tight-lipped about the get-together.

Pope Francis seemed to slip carefully around political divisions on his recent visit, apparently trying to strike a balance by broadly addressing some topics, but not getting too specific. Some feel he was talking out of both sides of his mouth when making general comments about religious freedom. He spoke on the importance of life, condemned the death penalty, but didn’t come close to the topic of abortion.

The head of one LGBT Catholic group says, “The time for vagueness, ambiguity, and secret meetings is over. Pope Francis needs to state clearly where he stands in regard to the inclusion of LGBT people in the church and society.”

Perhaps there is more to the pope’s agenda than making pastoral visits and conducting mass. A simple look at history reveals a pattern of attempting to mix religion with political strength. Maybe the shifting language (“Who am I to judge?”) tells us that the Vatican has a greater plan. The book of Revelation would think so.

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