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Update 3: The Pope Lands in America

Update 3: The Pope Lands in America
Posted 09.22.2015

The cheers were deafening. Crowds were vying to capture their first glimpse of Pope Francis as he landed on U.S. soil to begin his six-day visit. President Obama, the First Lady, and their daughters welcomed the Bishop of Rome in a novel gesture by greeting him at Joint Base Andrews airport.

While no terrorist threats have been made public, Pope Francis’ visit has triggered the biggest security mobilization in U.S. history. Federal, state, and city law enforcement have joined the Secret Service and FBI in protecting a man who has risen above the level of a celebrity.

On Wednesday the Argentine-born pope will be officially welcomed on the South Lawn of the White House. After parading through downtown, he will hold a service at a Washington, D.C., Catholic church. Thursday, the pontiff will speak to a joint session of Congress, a first-ever for a pope. Later, in New York, Pope Francis will host a religious service at Ground Zero and address the United Nations. He concludes his U.S. trip Sunday in Philadelphia.

A CNN poll shows almost half of Americans and 78 percent of Catholics are looking forward to the pope’s visit. But it is creating a nightmare for security officials who have created a historic comprehensive plan more intense than for other events—including the protection of the U.S. president. Fox News calls it the “biggest, multiple-day security event in Department of Homeland Security history.” The DHS has dubbed it, “a national special security event.”

Some are calling the pope’s unusual visit, “a-pope-alyptic.” Does the Bible speak about this church leader who rubs shoulders with presidents? You might be surprised how clearly Scripture prophesies about a union between the Roman church and the government of the United States.

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